2600 Cityview Dr, North Kansas City, MO 64116, USA
(816) 472-4800


Chad Vulgamott

Friday, July 6, 2018

2 weeks in, I can say that this is the best apartment complex I’ve lived in. The layout of my one bedroom is awesome - large living room area and high ceilings make it seem larger than what the square footage shows. The location is awesome and the leasing staff is always very welcoming! Highly recommended!

Cee V

Friday, April 6, 2018

I absolutely love the staff at CityView. I like the monthly newsletter that they send out and the events they have for us are awesome! They are all so nice and maintenance is extremely responsive, too. I LOVE how the staff will e-mail you when they have a package at the front desk for you, not many apartment complexes will do that. The one downfall I would say is the residents. I am surrounded by loud residents on both sides as well as across the hall and below me. And the loudness is not due to poor quality of the apartments by any means it's just incredibly loud people who are constantly home and never seem to sleep. Other than that, 5 star rating for the complex!

Valerie Turner

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I have lived here now for 3 years in a studio apt. My experience has been absolutely awesome! The lawn and landscaping is extremely well kept and beautiful. The maintenance is completely on top of getting things done ASAP. The Administration and office staff are some of the most friendly, social, and welcoming people. There are always many well planned social events each month and fun games, challenges, and contests that keep residents interested in being a part of this well maintained beautiful community. I love it here!!

Shiloh White

Monday, April 2, 2018

In the almost two years I have been here, I have had nothing but positive interactions with the staff. Further, this property is very well kept - from inside the apartments to the grounds surrounding the community. They have always been helpful, honest and genuinely concerned about any concerns you may have, and have been very speedy with all repairs, regardless of how large or small the repair. Further, I like how they host a wide variety of community events at different times so that each resident will have an opportunity to enjoy some of the activities; at my prior residence, they've only held happy hours during the week for a limited amount of time (from 4-6 or 5-7) and not everyone could participate during those times. All in all, I am happy with CityView.

Jakob G

Friday, May 11, 2018

I love CityView! I've been here since August of last year, coming up on a year, and I could not ask for a better place to live. Very lovely community with the best people, excellent relationships with the staff, they communicate effectively, organize great events, and make an overall wonderful atmosphere for habitation. I could not ask for a better place to live right now than CityView!